Home of the 'Picnic' apple

Located on the banks of the Mitchell River

Try the 'Picnic' apple!
Owned and operated by the Baldwin family, this attractive orchard on the edge of Bairnsdale provides a scenic stopping point throughout the year. Located on the banks of the Mitchell River and nestled below the Picnic Point Reserve, the orchard is a green oasis when many surrounding districts are dry. Reg and Mary Baldwin purchased part of the property in 1984, initially growing vegetables, but gradually moving across to apples.

There's a variety of apples to choose from

Our new-style intensive orchard blocks.
The main varieties of apples, picked progressively through the season, are Royal Gala, Jonagold, Red Fuji, and of course Pink Lady and Granny Smith, but there are other less well known varieties, including their own Picnic™ apple, extremely popular with locals, and Cox's Orange Pippin. Further land has been purchased since, and now their eldest son David is also very much involved with the running of the farm, especially the new-style intensive orchard blocks coming into production.

Come and have a picnic

There's a wide range of apples to enjoy.
Fresh unwaxed apples, raspberries and other produce are available for most of the year, while the spring blossom is beautiful to see in the off-season. Nearby is Picnic Point, an ideal picnic spot, with views overlooking the river and surrounds.

Coaches and groups are most welcome, but please let us know in advance. Orchard tours are available by arrangement.